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Smoked Turbine Kit For Indian Motorcycles

$240.00 - Kit includes 2 Lenses, 4 connectors and 2 light globe holders and free express shipping worldwide ( 5 - 7 days delivery)

  • Our lens are 60.5mm in diameter and 96 mm in length or 39mm in length for a turbine lens
  • Each Indian Kit consists of
    •  2 light globe holders
    • 4 connectors
    • 2 lenses (with bezels)
  • Cuztom Kraft specially designed this lens to break light up into 29 different sections and then send it down a bend to all meet in the centre.
  • The bezel wraps it in chrome and separates into different sections.
  • The lens is made of a special UV resistant material.
  • The moulds have been hand polished with 32 different grades of material to give the lenses a super-bright mirror finish.
Bezel Type: Chrome
Bezel Type: Gloss Black
Bezel Type: Matt Black


Lenses also available with Chrome or Matt Black Bezel

Our lens replaces OEM INDIAN MOTORCYCLES PART# 2412599-156


Fitment Table

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Fitment Table For Indian Motorcycles

Additional information

Bezel Type

Chrome, Gloss Black, Matt Black