Cuztom Kraft make fine aftermarket parts for your Harley Davidson. The new Jet series of indicator lenses / turn signals got its inspiration from the 1950’s American Muscle Cars. Owner and Founder Charles Tonna, who has a work history in Aerospace Engineering, spent much time modifying his own Harley but when it came to lenses he couldn’t find a suitable product so he decided to design it himself.

He saw on social media that others were having the same problem, so he took opportunity of this situation and made a life changing decision to follow his passion and make these parts for others. He then collaborated with one of Australia’s best Tool Makers to make the moulds and parts. Cuztom Kraft, although new, was now sharing space with such names as Ford, Toyota and Holden (on a ‘state of the art’ chroming line).

Our Indicator Lenses clip straight onto your indicator housing without any modification. This empowers even a simple novice, to follow their passion and modify their own ride.

  • Andrew C. Avatar

    positive review  Great to deal with and bloody brilliant service!
    These parts are sensational!!

    Andrew C. 06/02/19
    Mark R. Avatar

    positive review  what can i say but the lights are amazing just what i needed to set off the rear of the bike, fitment was perfect and only took 3 min to install what a great of a kind

    Mark R. 27/02/19
    Jason S. Avatar

    Great service with great knowledge! Absolute superior products

    Jason S. 27/11/17
  • Craig R. Avatar

    positive review  Placed an order a week ago, lenses arrived to Belfast Northern Ireland, they’re absolutely stunning & transform the look of my Road King, delighted is an understatement 👌👌👌🇬🇧

    Craig R. 16/07/19
    Guido A. Avatar

    Excellent product. Couldn’t be any happier w the service as well. Quick and easy transaction. 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

    Guido A. 07/01/18
    Nick W. Avatar

    Quality product with excellent customer service. Lenses really look great. Couldn’t be happier�

    Nick W. 29/11/17