Amber Rocket

$220.00 - includes 2 Lenses per set and standard shipping worldwide

  • The Rocket lens is a true engineering masterpiece. Cuztom Kraft had to bend the laws of engineering and moulding as well as break all the rules of chroming to bring this one to you.
    The Rocket’s Bezel extends the length of the indicator housing then it cuts back on itself. It has a special castellated shape design that gives you 16 individual chrome tabs which lock and mate with the lens itself.
  • The Rocket lens has 20 individual grooves that reduce in size the further they travel down to the point of the lens. This allows for light to pulsate from the bezel down the length of the grooves to the point, which gives it a unique depth, richness and visual effect never before created with a lens. The lens has been moulded with 16 individual raised tabs that lock and mate with the bezel.
  • The lens is made of a special UV resistant material.
  • The moulds have been hand polished with 32 different grades of material to give the lenses a super-bright mirror finish.
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Our lens replaces OEM HARLEY DAVIDSON PART# 68973-00
Watch the video for further information on how to check.
Our lens are 60.5mm in diameter and 96 mm in length or 39mm in length for a turbine lens


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Bezel Type

Chrome, Gloss Black